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Dedicated Project Development

R.F. Toft Construction, Inc. is dedicated to full project development solutions in Frederick, Maryland, and throughout the nearby states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. Our commercial construction team offers design/build solutions, construction and remodeling services, and all you need to take your project from concept to construction. We work in a range of specialized sectors as well, ensuring the very best results:

• Office & Medical Buildings
• Medical & Dental Fit-Outs
• Surgical Centers
• Laboratories
• Shopping Centers
• Government Contracting
• Architectural Engineering
• Interior Design
• Real Estate Developments


Profitable development is a complex enterprise that includes everything from selecting and purchasing the land through construction. There are pitfalls and hazards that can impede every step of the process. R.F. Toft Construction, Inc. has the knowledge to assist and protect your investment. Our experience navigating the process has taught us how to make the project work, and more importantly, how to make the numbers works. Our services include:

  • Conceptualizing the Project
  • Selecting the Land
  • Assembling and Managing the Development Team
  • Budgeting the Project
  • Working with Lenders to Finance the Project
  • Building Design
  • Handling Permits and Other Government Regulations
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